The story of Giffi Noleggi

In 1999, on board an OM65 pickup, the long journey of today's leader in general rental began. Giffi Noleggi was born from the intuition of Francesco Giffi, who started from a territorial artisanal activity, turning it into an industrial activity and leading it to establish itself on the national market.

The company is currently present in Italy with 31 offices and plans to open new branches to achieve what has always been its mission: maximum coverage throughout the territory.

Giffi Noleggi has a company fleet of over 2000 vehicles divided into aerial work platforms, earthmoving vehicles and commercial vehicles. The vehicles are all new and are checked by qualified personnel each time they are returned.

Giffi Noleggi - About Us



Francesco Giffi

Director and Founder

Francesco Giffi, even as a child, used to go around construction sites with his father and in the afternoons after school he enjoyed driving excavators, trucks and cranes.

“To be the son of a humble, honest person, a hard worker. For a 17-year-old boy, being the son of a person everyone knew and appreciated was a benefit. They let you inside the house to do your first jobs, overcoming the skepticism of a young age. Then I put my own into it, winning the trust of the people ».

23 years have passed and Francesco has finally turned his dream into reality.



Our mission is to bring the rental service extensively throughout the Italian and foreign territory, founding new offices wherever necessary, thus becoming the reference point of the sector.


We are sure that the future awaits the creation of the large-scale distribution of freight with open arms and it is precisely here that we see ourselves as protagonists.




Mission and Vision of Giffi Noleggi



map of Giffi Noleggi offices




The Giffi Noleggi network

Our brand and our vehicles operate in 31 cities from Northern to Southern Italy. We list them in alphabetical order to make sure you don't forget any:

Ancona, Aprilia (LT), Asti, Avezzano(AQ), Bari, Bergamo, Bologna, Brescia, Castegnato(BS), Civitanova-Marche(FM), Ferrara, Firenze, Frosinone, Latina, Milano, Modena, Novara, Padova Nord, Padova Sud, Perugia, Pescara, Piacenza, Rimini, Roma Casilina, Roma Aurelia, Roma Pontina, S.Benedetto del Tronto(AP), Terni, Torino, Verona, Viterbo.



Discover our Fleet


Aerial Platforms


Aerial Platforms Giffi

To fly high you need wings! For this we offer: Truck-mounted aerial platforms with B license from 13 to 28 m and C license from 28 to 75 m, spider platforms from 12 to 52 m, self-propelled 10 to 26 m, pantographs from 6 to 18 m.



Means for Lifting


Means for Lifting

"Give me a lever and I will lift the world to you," Archimedes said. Our Telescopic Handlers and Forklifts are perfect for any lifting job, they are always new and maintained by highly qualified personnel.


Commercial vehicles


Commercial vehicles

Discover the wide range of commercial vehicles! Here you will find vehicles of all types, including Vans, Mini Vans, Curtainsiders with or without hydraulic platform, Flatbed, Refrigerated, 7 and 9 Seats, Double cab... And much more!


Earth Moving Vehicles           

Earth Moving Vehicles

Powerful and reliable, our earthmoving vehicles will help you in all excavation and ground handling works. Discover the range of our mini excavators from 10 to 90 quintals, wheeled and tracked skid steers and our power barrows. In addition, you can count on a wide range of Accessories.


  Power Generators and Containers  

 Power Generators and Containers

Never again without electricity thanks to our Power Generators, able to satisfy all needs for both professionals and individuals. From the smallest 3 kW petrol generators up to the larger ones with over 20 kW silenced diesel, put them to the test right away starting from here.



Soil and Asphalt Compactors

Soil and Asphalt Compactors

If you need to compact the soil, you will not be able to do without our Compacting Rollers, Vibrating Plates and Rammers, three types of machines each with specific details, useful for work on public and private roads.



Special Means

 by bridge platforms

The name doesn't lie. These means are too particular to describe them together. Each has its own reason and is unique in its kind: Crane trucks, Mobile cranes, Mini Cranes, Tunlift, Autoscale Traslochi and the "By Bridge" underbridges, truly incredible machines that "defy the laws of physics" and work in negative (from top to bottom).

Accessories and Equipment

 internal photo of the headquarters

It is said that "whoever does it alone makes for three" and perhaps it is true, but doing it with Giffi is better!

On our blog you will find many ideas for work at home and on our site all the tools you need for a job with all the trimmings: Hot Air Cannons, Power Cutters, Breakers, Ladders, Scaffolding, Core Drilling Machines and more.

Other services

 photo of training activities

Advice. The service designed to meet every need.

Training. Our courses on the subject of PLE, lifting equipment, earth moving vehicles and safety on site are always precious for the professional and for the aspirant.

Sale. All the products you need in the Construction / Industrial sector can be found here: Giffi Market




Our Customer


We support professionals, artisans and individuals who work in construction, industry, transport and logistics every day, offering new and latest generation rental vehicles. We use the most modern information technologies to offer quick answers and always give a top rental service, a Giffi Noleggi customer is a happy customer because «renting is good, with Giffi it is worthwhile». 



Why would you choose Giffi Noleggi?


1) "Renting is good, with Giffi it is convenient" is not just a slogan, but our philosophy. To meet your needs we offer you the best service at the best price, always.

2) We support you in your business. When asked "which is the right vehicle to rent for my specific need?", One of our specialized operators will recommend the best solution, the result of our experience.

3) If you need to work inside, you know you can count on our electric vehicles. Already 40% of our fleet travels electric and we are working on a greater ecological transition for a cleaner world for all.

4) If you work in different cities or travel often, you can find us anywhere in Italy. We have 31 direct offices distributed throughout the national territory.

5) Earth moving, aerial platforms, vans and everything related to industry, construction and transport. Your every request is fulfilled thanks to the fleet of over 2000 units.

6) We are there even when everything is not going the right way: our assistance center is always equipped to provide help and technical support.

7) Our dedicated reservation center is always active and accompanies you in every phase of the rental.

8) Giffi Noleggi is made up of professionals in every department and perhaps nothing has more value in the eyes of a customer than a reliable service that accompanies him in every single phase.

9) Not just rental. When you need accessories or equipment for your work, you can find on Giffi Market everything you need and with the same quality as Giffi Noleggi.

10) We always try to give you a laugh, an emotion or to keep you updated about the various special events we launch. On various social networks, Instagram and Facebook in particular, we share our work.


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